Accordion Magic
MIDI Archives/Galleries:

Gallery 1: 48 Bass MIDI conversion

The first voyage into MIDI stuff, absolute one off PCB's all round, eventually with MIDI expression via single bellows transducer.

Gallery 2: 120 Bass MIDI conversion

Bigger means more stuff!!
Gallery 3: MIDI radio prototype  
Major development of digital transciever.
Gallery 4: MIDI radio retrofit  
MIDI fitted to John Colclough's 4 voice.

Gallery 5: Excelsior 200 MIDI conversion

My own accordion with mechanical spring contact MIDI!
Gallery 6: Farfisa Transicord stripdown  
A lot can be done with an old Transicord. But the first thing to do is to strip out the old electronics.

Gallery 7: Farfisa Transicord 1 (MIDI radio) respray RED!!

This is another John Colclough project, general spruce up and total respray of MIDI Transicord in metallic red.
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